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Le Faiseur de Rêves, Ltd. (LFDR) is a global holding company that incorporates multiple verticals in the experiential travel & event design space.

Founder Gregory Patrick established Tours of Enchantment in 1988 and was the first in the world to merge luxury hotel services within private estate settings, allowing control over the entire guest experience.

For over thirty years, Patrick has honed his craft as an experiential artist offering highly personalized experiences. In 2017, the company began its global expansion and was rebranded as DreamMaker®. After three decades of setting new benchmarks in creative travel, Gregory launched Experientiality®, a complementary B2C brand catering to the same UHNW clientele.

DreamMaker® now serves the B2B market offering “never-to-repeat” designs through its strategic marketing partnerships. This collaboration helps its partners differentiate their luxury offerings in the oft-crowded top of the market, a domain DreamMaker® knows well.

Experientiality® offers personalized experiences that can be repeated, but whose level of creativity, attention to detail and personalization remain unmatched.

The two brands together shape the House of DreamMaker, having earned the status of a true Design House. Gregory Patrick (a.k.a. The DreamMaker) is to the House of DreamMaker what Valentino Garavani is to the House of Valentino.


At the House of DreamMaker, we believe that memories of one’s best-cherished experiences become their favorite stories. We are entirely committed to guaranteeing the satisfaction of, not only our guests but our staff, friends, family, and as importantly, ourselves as individuals. Every experience is a chapter to be added to the story– a promise we strive to keep in each and every experience we create. It’s in the House of DreamMaker’s DNA to deliver authentic experiential designs at every turn of the page.


The House of DreamMaker is more than a house of brands dedicated to authentic travel and event experiences. We are a group of individuals committed to building profit with purpose. We see the world as our stage filled with endless possibilities – and through our creative experiences, we relish the opportunity to help and entertain children across the oceans.

Every client’s trip design includes the necessary resources to help the children we intend to encounter. We make a profit designing and delivering those children’s experiences, which in itself guarantees sustainability in our charitable efforts globally.


It is our commitment to give back in every country we explore. The DreamMaker has been blessed to visit many of the world’s SOS orphanages, and despite their challenges, they receive constant sustenance, support, education and love.
We’re committed to share the experiences and memories through that which entertained our guests; the music, the dances, the horse rides, the falcons, the magic – every child is entitled to such joyous moments.

Without the UHNW community we serve, it would be challenging to offer the less fortunate those little things we all treasured as children; gifts that delight, that giant swirl of cotton candy, or anything that gives a feeling of nostalgia when reminiscing about their childhood


Creating first-mover boutiques that amaze our clients and materialize their dreams when immersed in any of our experiential offerings


As a group of operating companies under the leadership of LFDR, Ltd., we pride ourselves in the creative design and execution while offering one-of-a-kind differentiators in the increasingly commoditized world of luxury services


DreamShare® is the first branded collection of private trophy homes whose ownership is shared amongst several families; the perfect hybrid of the ultimate Boutique Hotel, Residence & Destination Club models. DreamShare® goes far beyond the simulated boutique hotel (or private villa) experience whilst eliminating most of the industry’s pain points.

Its luxurious all-inclusive features such as ultra-fine dining, unlimited use of a supercar/coach and spa therapists redefine the boutique hotel value proposition.

DreamLife® is a lifestyle management offering which complements our sister brands. It includes cost-sharing for the UHNW who love to indulge in life’s ultimate luxuries, but at a fraction of the cost. At its core, it’s “collaborative consumption” for the ultra-wealthy.

Tours of Enchantment is our legacy brand, founded by Gregory Patrick in 1988, pioneering the rental of private estates some 30 years prior to its booming growth today. In our quest to scale globally, Tours of Enchantment split into DreamMaker® and Experientiality®, serving the B2B and B2C markets respectively.

Experientiality® is a “ready-to-wear” designer travel line ~ unforgettable vacations and events executed with flawless precision by a traveling butler in concert with our 24-hour command center.

Experientiality® is designed to scale with personalized experiences that may be repeated yet remain without peer due to our creativity, attention to detail and personalized design.

DreamLeap is the first mover in the experiential travel and event space, combining Broadway Theater, Cinematographic Visual Effects, Augmented Reality and Projection Mapping, all of which shall engross them in an illusion that has the family spellbound. It’s Disneyland for eight children at a time.

A new venture inspired by a long history! 32 years ago, we cut our teeth in the hospitality game by creating the first hosted million dollar super coaches in the United States, with tuxedo clad servers, entertainers and full dining service. DreamSuite takes it to another level offering shared ownership of multiple super coaches in Europe, Australia and the Americas with a rolling hotel suite accompanied by a mobile entourage of including a Physician, Butler, Chef, Nanny, Tutor, Video Producer and Mechanic.

Our philanthropy through DreamTrust™ focuses on our SE Asia and Africa regional projects. Within each program, we partner with NGOs around children’s health & education, clean drinking water initiatives, reforestation, cleaning trash out of the oceans, animal welfare, and the like. We also have a passion for cultural and social projects, such as providing bicycles in Cambodia for kids to access school, pianos in the classrooms, and other special initiatives that inspire communities in need. 100% of the administrative costs are covered by The House of DreamMaker, making sure every dollar goes straight to delivering actionable results.



Our Board of Directors were carefully chosen for their wisdom to support our growth and profitability to the optimum benefit of our shareholders.


Walid is a serial entrepreneur with 26 years of experience in launching and running successful companies. He is a member of YPO in Europe and is an investor in LFDR. From 1994 to 2018, his flagship project was the establishment, development and management of A&D Pharma, the leading pharmaceutical wholesaler and retailer in Romania. Since 2018, Walid has been nurturing and actively accompanying a portfolio of companies ranging from the Fintech, Industry 4.0 and Pharma sectors, to name a few. His vast network of business contacts and hands-on management style allow him to bring added value to his investments. Walid is French educated and holds a master’s degree in Management from the ESSEC Business School in Paris


Andre is the co-founder of five companies, two of which he successfully exited and one of which he drew great lessons from. Since 2007, he has run several Venture Capital and Private Equity funds on behalf of his family office clients and built a strong network in VC ecosystems, both in Europe and the US with a focus on IoT. With his expertise in finance and focus on Portfolio Management, Family Offices and Venture Capital, Andre brings to our company valuable insight.


Joseph began his career working directly for Steve Ballmer at Microsoft. From there, he took on increasingly progressive roles in the technology industry. He joined FAST Search, moving up to the CFO role where he oversaw a turnaround and successful sale to Microsoft for $1.3 billion. Joseph then became Commercial Director at the RGE Group, where he was responsible specifically for the multi-billion pulp and paper business. He was also Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Frontier Investments. He recently served as the Non-Executive Chairman of Kairiki Energy Limited leading the financial management, treasury, controller-ship, planning, and IT strategies for the $5 Billion Group of companies. Upon leaving Kairiki, he became self-employed as an investor and venture leader. Joseph earned an MBA with High Distinction (Baker Scholar) from Harvard Business School and pursued further postgraduate studies at Wharton, the University of Pennsylvania.


Daniel Langer is one of the world’s most renowned experts on brand building and extreme value creation in a digitally disrupted world and has an innovative approach in the use of Artificial Intelligence with advanced digital real-time consumer-insight tools for high-precision execution in the dissemination of luxury goods and services to the Millennials and Gen Z.

A regular global keynote speaker, he is the Professor of Luxury Strategy at Pepperdine University in Malibu. His education includes Harvard Business School and he holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in luxury management and has authored several luxury management books in English and Chinese.

“I worked with Daniel for many years and I know his expertise in Luxury and Brand Equity: every brand will be in good hands with him.”

Pietro Beccari, CEO Christian Dior and Executive Board Member of LVMH


Gregory is “The DreamMaker”. He’s an experiential artist and founder of the world’s first and peerless “experience design” boutique with an internationally recognized, three decade-old legacy. With his creative approach and his one-of-a-kind strategies, Gregory created a global framework of exclusive luxury assets and incomparable designs that have redefined the experiential luxury travel market serving the UHNW. Gregory brings a unique vision to the luxury hospitality space and an uncanny ability to create companies by imagining solutions to the pain points in the sector.


Joseph is your classic roll-your-sleeves-up operator with extensive knowledge in running global businesses. For ten years he managed companies in Shanghai and the Philippines directing, planning and devising policies and strategies to meet those companies’ goals. His latter positions entailed full P&L accountability, senior level reporting for five brands (and four partnerships) after scaling up the publishing company from a few dozen to 1,350 personnel resulting in its acquisition by Penguin Random House.





Walid is to manage the transformation of The House of DreamMaker into a global corporate structure, expand its operations and geographic reach and articulate the equity story for existing and new shareholders. Walid brings with him a long career in investment banking and investment management with 27 years of experience in senior positions with flagship institutions in the MENA region and Europe. Those included sell-side and buy-side equity research, fund management, investment banking and direct investments. His entrepreneurial skills were demonstrated by spearheading pioneering initiatives in the MENA region and helping the scaling-up of smaller local investment companies into large regional investment banking institutions. He holds a master’s degree in management from ESCP Europe – Major Finance.



Gregory established Tours of Enchantment in 1988, pioneering the rental of private estates some 30 years before its booming growth today. He was the first in the world to merge luxury hotel services within private property settings, in an effort to control the guest experience in every respect. Gregory soon diversified offering highly personalized, experiential luxury vacations and events with his own signature multi-layered creative design. In 2017 the company rebranded as DreamMaker®, a direct play on the fond moniker bestowed upon him by longtime clients. In 2020, he launched Experientiality, a B2C rebranding of the 30 year old Tours of Enchantment, continuing in his quest to serve HNW families who demand an elevated level of service and creativity. Gregory created the House of DreamMaker’s next three company startups in order to complete an ecosystem that will be the foundation of a luxury services platform unlike anything in the marketplace today. The five brands together form the House of DreamMaker, which has earned the status of the first and only true design house in the experiential luxury space. Gregory Patrick is thus “The DreamMaker”, a serial entrepreneur and the creative inspiration behind the House of DreamMaker ~ he is to travel what Valentino Garavani is to the House of Valentino.



As the Chief Strategy Officer, Alberto focuses on accelerating the firm’s growth through cohesive strategic planning and execution across multiple functions and verticals, wearing many different hats throughout the process.

He is an all-around digital executive with 10 years of notable achievements across Europe and APAC. During this run, Alberto was involved with acquisitions and mergers which benefited from his strong entrepreneurial mindset with a foundation of analytical, root-cause identification and problem-solving skills. Among others, he led the Digital Operations of the largest and fastest growing e-Commerce company in Australia, where revenues grew from $7M to $210M in less than three years. Alberto received his Master’s degree in Business and Marketing from the IULM University of Milan (Italy) and his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Verona (Italy).


LFDR operating companies are verticals that are incorporated and managed autonomously. All business units will have various mid-level and upper management that report to the LFDR leadership team, all of which provide guidance and support during and after the startup phase. All brands will have their launch teams grow into the roles that best fit their contributions.


As Chief Operating Officer, Andy is tasked to oversee the administrative and operational functions of the business, implement strategies, manage sales and supervise operations’ planning. He is developing DreamPass’s business plan and will be valuable in the birth of another unique boutique in the House of DreamMaker. Andy has a degree in Information Technology from Herzing University and a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater




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